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General information about Tourbeds online reservation system (Hotels & Flights):
With agency-specific prices, you can make reservations for 253 different Nationalities, more than 400,000 hotels worldwide, with one click, without being tied to anyone. This will give you more strength and self-confidence. No matter where your customer wants to go in the world, Apart Hotel or luxury and 5-star hotels, by searching and choosing the nationality according to the ID or Passport information that your customer has and will travel to, the type of room and service and meal your customer wants (Bed & Breakfast, Half Board, Ultra All Inclusive) and the location of the facility and other requests of your customer, you can make a reservation and print the Reservation Information instantly!

The languages of Tourbeds system: English, Russian, Germany, Turkish,


TOURBEDS GLOBAL  Company has “A” grade certification from Turkey cultural heritage, handcrafts and tourism organization, we are working on any travel and tourism fields such as :
·         Hotel reservation in all of the world cities specially Turkey in a best rate
·         International and local flights online reservation and also charter
·         Execution of all tour packages in Turkey.
·         Execution of optional tours, aqualand, aquarium, waterfalls, …
Reservation and Execution of transfers services between all of airports in Turkey cities.
TOURBEDS GLOBAL has scheduling and programming departments which enable us to  review frequently every last tours and trips basic points to have more and more qualified execution results in tourism fields.
Refer to our expert team in every department including  reservation hotels partners, operation manager team…we are always try to present best service in each tours depends on opening and closing, duration time and distance between each optional tours places, meanwhile in case of any changes in time or number of passengers and probably time change of flights , we have best skills team to shift quickly the necessary duties and substitutions.

Hotel reservation method :

If you enter to our website   you can just see the worldwide rate of hotels which is normal rate, if you want to have our discount rates, please send your details information by email which refered below, so we are able to submit you the user to enter our site and use from our discounted and best rate.
Details necessary information for hotel reservation:
1-which city 2- hotel star grade 3- if you have considered special hotel please mention to name of hotel. 4- the date of check in and check out 5- the number and type of rooms 5- in case of any children, please mention exactly the birth date of passport.

Flight reservation method :

If you have any credit card you can  search flights, register tickets and issue online. Otherwise if you have no credit card please copy the website  url address of searching your tickets in our flight reservation page of our site , email us along with the passengers passport names and dates of birth, so it enable us to reserve your tickets in the soonest time.
Also if you are not able to search tickets yourself, please send the detailed information to our email address to inform you the rate and conditions of your tickets as soon as possible.
The necessary  information details to reserve and issue tickets:
1-the departure and arrival airport names 2-the exact date and nearly time of departure and arrival 3-the number of adults and children and also names and birth of them  exactly according to passports.

Transfer reservation method :

For Reserved hotels in our website   you can search your routing trip and fulfill the information such as names ….so complete your reservation. If you can not find your rout of transfer or have problem to complete them, please send the following Details to reserve your transfer and issue the voucher of transfer for you:
1-departure and arrival airport names, 2- the date, number and time of flights of your passengers 3- the number of adults and children with mentioning to children age.
The customer priority and profit :
We are always trying to keep our customers satisfactory in every fields from first point of our contact to our passengers to the end time, if probably make any less presentation, we are trying to fulfill with the better substitution,
Our aim is a mutual cooperation and be stay our dear customers  along with us more and more like our last old ones, in order to, we are always try to have your confidence and satisfactory options. sites located in all text, images and content copyright belongs to . In no way it is used without permission and may not be copied, printed or electronic media. Domestic and overseas for an enjoyable holiday tour is located at the hotel, as well as options.

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